Ozier Muhammad Photojournalist


Choreography Donald Byrd poses with some members of the Alvin Ailey Dance Company. Copyright The New York Times
Classical Music conductor and pianist Daniel Borenboim photographed in a Eastside Manhattan Hotel. Cooyright The New York Times
Actor Laurence Fishbourne relaxes in William Paley Park in Midtown Manhattan. Copyright The New York Times
August Wilson was in New York for the opening of his play King Hedley.
In his rural Michigan home, in the company of friends, Muhammad entertains his training team with a recitation of a imaginery piece of paper, containing a poem on how he will defeat George Foreman in what later that summer will be one of Ali's greatest battles in Kinshasha, Zaire (now the Congo Republic),
Albertina Sisulu with her husband Walter Sisulu, dies at the age of 92. Her husband died in 2003.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar talks about being a muslim, at his home in Milwaukee, WI. He was a member of the NBA Milwaukee Bucks at the time this photo was taken.
President Julius Nyerere host the Sixth Pan African Congress.