Ozier Muhammad Photojournalist

New Orleans After Katrina 2005 to 2006

FEMA trailers in a railyard near downtown New Orleans.
Displaced residents of the Lower 9th Ward gathered at the wall of the Industrial Canal on the first Memorial Day holiday after Hurricane Katrina came through the Gulf region.
On the Memorial Day holiday scores of people came to the Industrial Canal's Levee to remember the people who died here when Hurricane Katrina's arrival cause it to breech.
A ceremony took place here in the Lower 9th ward when a levee breeched here at the Industrial Canal killing residents when there homes were inundated.
August Blanchard and his aunt, Shirley Blanchard, are in the living room of the house where the decomposed remains of his mother, Charlene, were found in February, on Reynes Street in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans
A girl is dressed in a Mardi Gras Indian costume in a tent at the first Jazz and Heritage Festival since Katrina damaged the Crescent City.
A statue of New Orleans famous native son Louis Armstrong.