Ozier Muhammad Photojournalist


I've lived in Harlem since 1990, and have been photographing life in Harlem ever since moving to New York City in 1980.

On His Way To Church.
Man with his eyes closed, standing in the rain on 125th street in Harlem.
The Metro North Station in Harlem.
Patterns of white at Martin Luther King and Malcolm X boulevards crossing in Harlem.
March, 1993 - Katirah Hikmah, a jewelry, incense and trinkets vendor, finishes preparing her sells display on 125th street.
October, 1994 - A conversation underway in the front and back seats of a car parked on 125th street.
May, 1994 - A man lifts weights and gets a shout of encouragement at 125th street and 5th avenue.
April, 1994 - A man found a seat in a traffic signal stanchion at 125th street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard.
May, 1994 - A man with a face that seems as enduring as the old steps he is seated on, chews on a bark as he whiles away his time.
January, 1994 - Some men take a break from clearing a trash strewn lot to warm their hands In the middle of winter on Manhattan Avenue in Harlem,
June, 1993 - A street vendor prepares his merchandise on an early Sunday morning near the Apollo Theater in Harlem.
More than a hundred followers of Daddy Grace gather in Central Harlem, for an annual August street baptism, organized by the United House of Prayer in Harlem.
July, 1994 - An usher at the United House of Prayer surrenders to the sound of the gospel.
September, 1993 - Minister Conrad Muhammad of Temple #7 Nation Of Islam speaks to officers in his security corps before an event at the Harlem Armory.
May, 1993 - This fellow calls himself
May, 1993 - This fellow calls himself
May, 1993 - This fellow calls himself
May, 1993 - This fellow calls himself
February, 1996 - Two elderly women cross 125th on a Sunday afternoon. They were probably going home from Church.
April, 1993 - An aspiring boxer takes a break during training at Connie Bryant's boxing gym in Harlem.
April, 1993 - Connie Bryant, a boxing trainer in his gym just north of 125th street. Bryant has trained several professional boxers, including former middleweight champion Iran Barkley.
November, 1994 - A member of the Nation of Islam sold the Final Call, also known in the later part of the 20th Century as Muhammad Speaks, in the late evening on 125th street in Harlem.