Ozier Muhammad Photojournalist

Abstracts At Home

11-19-2007 - Prince Charles of Wales shoots a basketball and scores at the Harlem Children's Zone, to the surprise and delight of students who had just finished scrimmagiing.
July 30th 2007 - Mayor Michael Bloomberg responds to a woman who said,
March 2006 - High winds blow loose newspaper pages around 125th near the IRT Subway entrance as some people make their way to work that morning.
9-18-2007 - Maria Alcántara, center, and her daughter Fredelinda Peña, in striped sweater, took the citizenship oath yesterday for Ms. Alcántara's son, Cpl. Juan Alcántara,  who died in Iraq.
January, 2005 . - A woman walking on Grand Street on the Lower Eastside one late afternoon.
December, 28th, 2006 - People stood outside the Apollo Theater as a memorial service took place inside a few days after James Brown died on Christmas day 2006.
A man smokes a cigarette among shadows and circles of light in Chinatown.